Solar Tax Credits, Incentives and Solar Rebates in the United States

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Latest Update: December 2018

There are more than 1,600 programs designed to stimulate the adoption of solar power in the United States. These financial incentives and regulatory programs can significantly improve the financial feasibility of installing solar panels.

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Summary Data for Idaho

State Capital Boise
Solar Value Index $585
Solar Energy Produced 7412 kWh / year
Average retail electricity price (2017 data) 7.89 cents / kWh
Average annual consumption per household (2015 data) 11483 kWh
Levelized Cost of Solar Electricity 8.31 cents / kWh
Reached grid parity? Not yet

The Gem State is rich in renewable energy. There is plenty of hydroelectric capacity, tons of wind turbines, state-wide geothermal resources and even an above-average amount of sunshine. Idaho is one of the few states in which solar power has to compete with other renewables and not just fossil fuels. So far other renewables are winning hands down, with only a paltry amount of installed solar PV capacity.