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1. Enter your address or zip code above.

2. Once we determine your state or province, we will display the average figures for the cost of electricity and annual consumption for your location.

3. You can fine-tune these estimates to better fit your particular consumption profile.

4. You can change many financial assumptions to see if the buy or lease option is better for you.

5. Some of the key variables are the cost of solar panels, monthly lease payment and the useful life of your panels.

Cost of Solar Panels $/Wp
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Purchase Net Savings

Lease Net Savings

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Solar Production (kWh)

Item Purchase Option Lease Option
Your net savings
Amount due on installation $ $0 down
Term for Loan or Lease
Federal tax credit $ Claimed by the leasing company. Not available to the homeowner.
Maintenance Costs $ Incurred by the leasing company
Monthly payment $
Escalation rate You lock-in your cost, no escalation.
Useful life of your panels
Limited by the lease term above.
Utility Escalation