Solar Tax Credits, Incentives and Solar Rebates in the United States

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Latest Update: December 2018

There are more than 1,600 programs designed to stimulate the adoption of solar power in the United States. These financial incentives and regulatory programs can significantly improve the financial feasibility of installing solar panels.

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Summary Data for Louisiana

State Capital Baton Rouge
Solar Value Index $540
Solar Energy Produced 6999 kWh / year
Average retail electricity price (2017 data) 7.71 cents / kWh
Average annual consumption per household (2015 data) 15435 kWh
Levelized Cost of Solar Electricity 5.14 cents / kWh
Reached grid parity? Yes

The Bayou State runs primarily on natural gas, coal and nuclear energy. Despite an above average amount of sunshine, the share of solar energy in the state's electricity mix is negligible. But a very generous state tax credit is helping to spur the adoption of solar energy.